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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  February 9, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. digging out, the northeast tries to free itself from the aftermath of a powerful winter storm that buried cars and brought travel to a standstill. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello again everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> happen right now, taking a live look at 6th avenue in new york city near rockefeller center, the streets from these live pictures are clear now, but boy, what a difference a few hours make. israel today the city was hit with nearly a foot of snow with a powerful mid-winter storm
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took aim at east coast. >> the blizzard affected an estimated 40 million people on the east coast and paralyzed parts of the atlantic seaboard. these cars on long island got stuck in the snow as the drives tried to make their way home during the storm's peak. >> tonight reports of damage of still coming in and the latest decrease that this blizzard killed nine people and as chris welsh told us that the nor'easter left hundreds of thousands life ising without power in the biting cold. >> reporter: from pennsylvania to maine, the east coast is digging out after a massive blast of winter. on long island people had to be rescued from roads in the middle of the road. >> there were hundreds of residents literally within miles on the eastern end of long island of making their way back to their houses when the snow just swallowed they will up. >> reporter: one firefighter said it was nothing like he had ever seen. >> for them it was a very
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traumatic experience and someone without a cell phone and ran out of gas and very frightened. >> reporter: you were out there for all night? >> all night 10:00 all night. >> reporter: what were doing, staying in your car? >> that is right. >> reporter: the storm resulted in the number of deaths, including a 12-year-old boston boy who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting inside a car to keep warm. governor cuomo is calling for residents to stay out the way. >> please stay in your homes. >> reporter: the storm dropped snow at a furious rate up to 4-5" an hour. parts of connecticut saw total snowfall as high as 38". this time-lapsed video was shot on a deck in hamden,connecticut. the blizzard new yorked knocked out power to more than 650,000 customers. travel bans have lifted, but
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emergency officials urge folks it please stay inside unless it's absolutely necessary. reporting from boston, massachusetts, i'm chris welch. three feet of snow covered parts of connecticut. this firefighter had to ditch his truck and trudge through the keep know to a distress call. to give you an idea of how much snowfall hero, this firefighter you are looking at 16'3". and this is some time- lapsed video of the snow falling in new york city. take a look a. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo says the city saw 24 hours of pelting snow. in new england, meteorologist mark tamayo has been adding up the numbers with close to 3' in some places. >> that is right, the forecast verifying and we have improving conditions like now and that will be the story as we head into sunday. snowfall totals this was the result of a storm mergeing from the west and also moving in from the south. and the result was excessive snowfall rates. we'll take a look at the totals
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for you. some areas over 30", 34" out towards parts of connecticut. central park, new york, 11". on live stormtracker 2 radar, you can see scooting out the bulk of the activity. some of the wind reports impressive as well. wind gusts up to 67 miles per hour, but thankfully the snowfall rates have been on the decrease and the wind reports on decrease as well. current temperature out of boston, is 13 degrees, winds at 17, putting the wind chill at 91. they do have the chance of rain and snow into monday. nothing like the past 24 hours. we're tracking that and also our changing weather pattern coming up the next few days. airlines are you aring passengers heading to east
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coast to check their flight status before going to the airport. at san francisco airport, passengers tried to cope with the storm-related delays. an airport spokesman says a total of 29 flights were canceled today, heading to and from the east coast of the some travelers still had a long way to go to get back home. >> canceled toronto, yesterday, is overnighted here last night and we're a day and a half going home. through blizzards all wait. >> new york's jfk and lakewood airports re-opened along with newark original and they re- opened boston logan's airport just about two hours ago. . now to our continuing coverage of the manhunt for former los angeles cop accused killing three people. los angeles police now say they will re-open the investigation into the firing of christopher dorner from the lapd. dorner is suspected of killing
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a police officer thursday in riverside. authorities say he also killed two people in irvine last sunday. ktvu's debora villalon is with the latest developments as the safe harbor for dorner intensifies. >> reporter: dorner's violent vendetta is a week old tomorrow, but he stillmans to elude a massive manhunt. heat-sensing helicopters hover over the san bernardino mountains as a third full day of searching ends empty handed of the this area is before christopher dorner's burned-out pickup truck was found as it turns out with weapons in it. it's the same truck caught on surveillance video in san diego, county earlier in the week of the that appears to show dorner throwing ammunition into a dumpster. >> one of the employees went to throw out the trash and after he came back, he came back with a clip like a magazine full of bullets. a belt, a military belt and
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helmet. >> reporter: dorner's rampage is against the same department that trained and hired him. then fired him in 2008, he says, unjustly. he turned in another officer, for kicking a suspect. but the department believed her and fired him for a false accusation. now the chief says he will re- open dorner's disciplinary proceedings, in his words "not to appease a murderer, but to show the department is transparent and fair." at the same time search efforts are merging under a special task force. >> we will look under every rock. we'll look at every corner and search mountaintops for him. >> these pictures of dorner outside of an orange county hotel days before he made good on his deadly manifesto. >> we're protecting more than 50 officers and their families because they are listed on this
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dossier or in some other manner threatened. >> reporter: with the search for dorner stretch into nevada, arizona and new mexico, you can see border patrol is beefed up with more agents than normal, all of they will on the lookout for the well-trained and wily former cop. can be roo villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. a moment of silence was held to honor a woman police say was killed by dorner. former teammates and coaches paid tribute to monica quan at walnut high school in los angeles county last night. police say dorner killed quan and her boyfriend 27-year-old keith lawrence last sunday. quan was an assistant basketball coach and played for the team from 1998 to 2002. quan was 28 years old. new video just into the ktvu newsroom of a fire in castro valley. alameda county firefighters say five people managed to escape to safety from the home in the
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4400 block of james street. it all started about 8:30 tonight. firefighters say the homeowners spotted flames and got everyone out and called for help. firefighters kept the fire from spreading to other homes. there another is word yet on what sparked this blaze. pleasant hill police say a robbery support with a knife sparked a tense hostage sand standoff this morning inside the jack in the box on contra costa boulevard at 5:30 this morning. the suspect is identified as 41- year-old samuel guerrero of pittsburg. officers say guerrero tried to rob the restaurant and then grabbed an employee and held that person hostage inside an office at night point. >> as soon as the officers got to the restaurant, they were able to evacuate some of the employees from the restaurant. at some point during the incident, he actually released another employee that came out. >> after about an hour, after
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it started, police say guerrero surrendered. no one was hurt. the man suspected of killing a 13-year-old girl from suisun city will be in court. jones is facing four felony counts. last night a vigil was held forgenell conway allen. hundreds gathered watt the at the park where sher body was pound. >> we're learning about the explosion last month. the sacramento bee is reporting that police found several chemicals inside david snyder's apartment including the primary ingredient used in the explosive c-4. snyder injured his hands in the blast. he has pleaded not guilty to 17 different firearm and explosives-related charges. a lot of questions remain about a deadly collision between a bicyclist and truck
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on a busy san francisco street. ktvu's john sasaki arrived at scene shortly after the incident and talked to witnesses. >> reporter: it was a gorgeous morning outside of at&t park with thousands of giant fans heading in for fan fanfest. as thousands looked on, this dreadful accident. >> i could just remember the sound. >> reporter: a woman riding a bicycle was run over by a cement truck. >> it was like here from her. she went under the front wheels got her and didn't really clear her. they hit her legs, but underneath the truck, her and the bike were dragged underneath. >> you know, i just heard the cement truck coming by on the street. theall you heard was pay big boom. >> reporter: and the mariner's office identified victim as 48-year- old san francisco resident dian sullivan.
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police say two nurses in the crowd jumped in to help sullivan. the cement truck driver stopped and was in the police vehicle obviously distraught. >> you have a big cement truck with a big wheelbase and preliminary reports is that she was curbside on her bike, riding, and somehow became entangled. >> reporter: the accident left many in shock. >> i have never seen somebody try to get someone else breathing again actually in person. that was unfortunate. i feel terrible >> police are still trying to determine what caused the accident, but they say the cement truck driver is cooperating with investigators. in san francisco i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a multicar crash in richmond has left one person dead tonight. the highway patrol says a 23- year-old man interest hayward died after his vehicle hit the center divider and rolled over
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several times. another man was hospitalized. it all happened near the karlson boulevard exit aft about 1:15. the westbound lanes were theatcompletely shut down for about half an hour. all lanes did not fully re-open until 4:30. firefighters in east bay have their hands full today with a fast-moving house fire. the routine activity that sparked the blaze. and president prepares for his state of the union address next week, the topic mrs. obama is expected to focus on. without here, i don't know what we are going to there is no mass-produced human.
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a castro valley high school teacher has been out for most of the year battling cancer. returned to school tonight for a special fundraiser. as ktvu's jade hernandez reports there were some powerful words even though they couldn't be heard. >> reporter: silent says a lot about students who prepared for tonight's performance owithout their teacher. they are the reason she says the sign language program was grown at castro valley high. >> without her, i don't know what we would do. >> reporter: they had to try anyway for this performances especially with monies raised going to their program. >> i know that they would never give up. >> reporter: and if anyone is teaching these kinds about kids about fighting
11:48 pm
it's julia. >> plast year's show i passed out in the parking lot and they called an ambulance and they wanted me to go to the hospital and i was absolutely not. i'm here for my students. >> reporter: julia is undergoing chemo, which is the reason for her mask. her daughter, who cowrote tonight's play. >> she misses us and she just wants to be there with us. >> reporter: no tears tonight. >> well, so it means a lot to me, because i know them and i know how hard they work. >> reporter: all to show their inspiration, she taught them how to succeed. >> at one point she was in the hospital, she had more than 100 former students lined up to see her. she hope if all goes well with chemo, she will be back to school next month. in castro valley, jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news >> the search is on for a
11:49 pm
missing hayward man who suffers from dimema. robert burt is 73 years old and was last seen around 4:00 this afternoon neon his home many hayward. al immediate county sheriffs search-and-rescue teams are looking for burt right now. . the family of a disabled woman is desperately trying to find her after she went miss after a trip from arizona to the bay area. family of 49-year-old kathy trogden says surveillance video shows she boarded a greyhound bus in phoenix, heading for suisun city. she is 5'5, hearing-impaired and mute and can only communicate through sign language and on paper. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call police.
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three people are under arrest following a deadly shooting outside of a santa cruz bar. officers found a victim receiverring from multiple gunshot wounds. he is identified as 32-year-old pauley silva of santa cruz. so far police haven't revealed a possible motive for the gill killing. oakland police say they arrested aman in connection with the shooting that injured a woman. around 10:40 officers were called to the home on powell and fremont streets near the oakland emeryville line. when officers arrived they found a woman with a gunshot wound. she is expected to survive. firefighters in east bay tonight are blaming flames from a bbq for starting a fire that displaced two people from their home. firefighters shot this video as they battled the fire. the fire started around 4:00 in san pablo at home near the copper of rivers and 15th streets. firefighters say a grill was too close to the garage. >> it started in the bbq on
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the side of the house. the sole occupant started a bbq with the garage door open and let the flames go big and the flames got into the garage and basically took possession of the garage and then spread throughout the rest of the house. >> the 33-year-old man and his mother who live in the house got out safely. fire officials called the red cross to help them find a temporary place to live. authorities this aptoch say a man is in custody on suspicion of setting a fire that displaced a family of five. crews responded to deodar avenue near 18th street before noon. firefighters say the one-alarm fire caused about $75,000 in damage. antioch police arrested a man at the scene. his name has not been released and it's into the clear what his relationship might be to the poem who lived in in that home. president obama is scheduled to deliver his state
11:52 pm
of the union address on tuesday and there are reports that restoring prosperity to the middle-class will be a central theme. mr. obama is expected to touch on two major initiatives he has been you are puerta ricoing aboverhaul of immigration policy, which would allow 11 million illegal immigrants to eventually become citizens and pass age of stronger gun laws. >> former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will attend. she was seriously injured in 2011 when a gunman opened fire at a meet-and-greet event in tucson. six people were killed and 20 others injures. first ladey michelle obama was in chicago with fall and
11:53 pm
friends to honor hadiya pendleton, who was shot and killed days after performing at the president's inauguration. police say gangs may have mistaken her for a rival gang. several other dignitaries attended as well >> bargain hunters fled to sacramento for the goods that state declared surplus, including property confiscated by the highway patrol or at the airport security checkpoints. and include a new mercedes, a giant griddle and religious alter. >> i love to shop any kind of deal. >> organizers say the turnout was much larger than expected and they expect the auction to bring in more than $100,000 for the state we have developing news out of new orleans, where
11:54 pm
there are reports of several people shot during mardi gras festivities on bourbon street. >> the hunt is on for pythons, the valuable information the snake-hunters hope to gather. >> we have clear skies mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪
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developing news right now out of new orleans. why police say three people were shot tonight on bourbon street as revelers were celebrating mardi gras. now one of those wounds is in critical condition. the shooting happened about 9:30 and police say the victims are two men and a would. it's not clear which one of the victims is suffering from the life-threatening injuries. or what may have led up to this that shoot. thousands are celebrating
11:57 pm
understands old celebrate mardi gras in old town sacramento. business owners are taking extra precations by hiring more security. >> you know, there may be more people's awareness is much higher. i think that is good. >> as we pulled up today, there were bike officers rolling around the street and cruisers. >> bar and restaurant managers are banding tot and saying any troublemakerrers kicked out at one bar will be banned from all bars and restaurants. >> in iraq, six people were killed as rocket fire and mortared rained down on an iranian refugee camp. the attack courtrooms one day after 33 people died in a series of car bombings in a mainly shi'ite area of iraq. sunni nuggets linked to sunni insurgents have been blamed.
11:58 pm
in cairo, the government blocked access to youtube because of abanti-islamic video that caused riots around world. youtube use parent company google said it had no received an official notice from egyptian authorities on today's ruling. in colombia, a 7.0 earthquake sent people scrambling into the streets, but so far there is no reports of major damage or death. the u.s.g.s. says the epicenter of the quake was about 6 miles from a city of 400,000 people. . quake was felt in many parts of colombia and ecuador. people in beijing watched as fireworks filled the skies to ring in the lunar new year. tomorrow is the start of the year 4711 in the chinese calendar.
11:59 pm
the year of the snake. a plea by the chinese government to limit the number of firecrackers to cut down on pollution doesn't seem to work. meantime in san francisco, shoppers at westfield center on market street enjoyed storytelling in celebrate of the chinese new year. >> eyes like a rabbit and breathed fire. it was a dragon. >> today's story was the tale about the creation of the i zodiaccalendar. today only 50 of the massive pythons have been captured or killed. the month-long hunt for burmese pythons in the everglades is sponsored by the state to capture the invasive species which poses' threat to native animals. the hunters are to log exactly where they caught each snake
12:00 am
and scientists will look at their stomach contents. >> we want to know what they are eating? what their habitat is? where they are finding their food? all of this is going to be very important for us to develop some sort of strategic plan to combat this problem in the future. >> that is one big-name. florida is offering $1500 for the hunter who catches the most pythons and $1,000 for the largest snake killed. well, make it speaking of giants, giant reason to celebrate. >> let's go giants! >> thousands descend
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spring training time is almost here. the san francisco giants' fans got a little taste of the season it come at at&t park today. fanfest drew more than 40,000 people ready to cheer on the world champions. >> let's go giants! >> reporter: they call it fanfest, but it looks more olympic a lovefest. >> i always liked the giants. i grew up liking giants. >> it was the best day. >> people who live and breathe baseball sharing the same air as their favorite players. >> he is my favorite player. buster posey. >> we saw buster posey, sergio romo. >>. >> they came from sacramento, modesto, even hawai'i. >> excited to see who else is here and the experiences that i
12:04 am
didn't get to experience in hawai'i. >> reporter: braving long lines to meet their heroes, including outfielder hunter pence. >> ready for this year? >> yeah! >> thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. >>. >> and relief pitcher jeremy affeldt. fans got to tour the locker room and get autographs. >> go through the dugout and get to places you can't quette to. >> reporter: and dream about what next season will bring. >> i think we'll go back andnat maybe -- we're going wintworld series again. >> that is right. we are. go to for more on today's fanfest, including a slide show of pictures and reviews with the players >> a federal appeals court is set ohere a request from barry
12:05 am
bond's attorneys to overturn his felony obstruction of justice conviction. a 3-judge panel of the 9th circuit court of appeals has scheduled the hear in san francisco. in 2011, the court grab thed permission for some tv cameras to be in that courtroom. a controversial coyote hunt got underway. hunters are competing to kill the most coyotes in modoc county. animal rights activists tried to stop the hunt, but supporters say it's important to ranches he because coyotes kill about $4 million worth of livestock. >> go daddy a new office will be in sunnyvale with about 40
12:06 am
employees. officials say they opened the office to take advantage of high-tech talent in silicon valley. the office is scheduled to open monday. the boeing aircraft company sent a 787 dreamliner jet on a test flight. 50 have been ground worldwide because of fires from the plane's lithium ion battery. a 787 took off from boeing field in seattle and spent nearly 2.5 hours in the air. boeing said the purpose of the flight was to gather more information about the batteries and said that the flight was "uneventful." stripping down to your scivvies. the reasons why hundreds of
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. today marks another chance to see those impressive king tides along the bay area coastline. king tides are the largest tides of the year. predicted to be as high as 10 elong parts the bay shoreline. some says he a preview of what things could look like as sea levels rise because of global warming. the last king tides in september brought minor flooding along the embarcadero and marin county, but no problems were reported today. >> boy, nothing, but blue skies today. let's check in with mark to find out about sunday. going to be just as nice? >> going to be just as nice, i promise. if you like the sunshine we do need the rain as well, but we don't have any raindrops showing up in our forecast for tomorrow. right now on live stormtracker 2 we're in the clear except a few high clouds approaching the coast, close he to eureka and
12:10 am
mendocino county. forecast headlines for tonight, we'll go with the clear skies. tomorrow a cold start to the day, but plenty of sunshine for your sunday. sunday will live up to its name. in the extended, you will see that in the five-day. overnight lows the coolest locations very cool, upper 20s in santa rosa and napa. san francisco 42 and fremont starting out sunday morning in the mid-30s. our old system is moving to the east and look at what is happening for the upcoming week, a dry weather pattern. no rain threat and actually temperatures do warm back up. more sunshine in the forecast and a little bit of a bump in the numbers tomorrow. more warming expected for monday, tuesday and into wednesday. in fact, by thursday, the
12:11 am
warmest locations would be inching closer to 70 degrees. that is how warm we're talking about, but not tomorrow. lots of 30s, coolest locations in the upper 20s. you will see what happens into the afternoon hours. we do warm back up nicely into the 50s and lower 60s >> that green contour does link up with 60-degree temperatures into the afternoon. you will see those coming up in the forecast graphics. antioch in the up 50s, 58. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view. another cold start forker monday morning, but notice the temperature trend for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we'll continue to warm things up slightly each day. mild conditions by thursday. no rain clouds in the five-day forecast. but possibly after next weekend we could be talking about some channels. over the next few days we have the cold mornings, nice afternoons and good idea to dress in layers. he say that now, because i know
12:12 am
the next story you have coming up. [ laughter ] >> the sunshine is really rather remarkable for february. >> definitely and january was the third triest month in san francisco on record. we definitely need to play catch up right now. >> thank you, mark. billion here is what mark was alluding to. hundreds of people bared almost all for a charity run today in san francisco. good thing it was nice today and it wasn't raining. 350 scannedly clad people ran through the district to raise money for the children's tumor foundation. this is the first year that the cupid's undy run and gym gimbles is donating to
12:13 am
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deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sports watch turnaround bit golden state warriors has been well- documented and appreciated, but the team is in the middle of its toughest stretch. the warriors in dallas, their fourth game in five nights. ken bazemore not a lot of playing time and mayo makes him look rusty, taking it in for 26 his 19 points. collison shakes and bakes and
12:16 am
puts up a rainbow that goes. collison with 18. more of the same by dirk nowitzki. steph curry led than a less than dynamic effort by the warriors. this one was which the mavericks had a little extra flare. how about the pass to mayo and gold state state loses 116-91. well, it was one of those saturdays at at&t pebble beach pro-am. you have the chamber of commerce weather and the local story by the name of james
12:17 am
hahn. golf never the whole show saturday at pebble beach. bill murray or barton made the pro-am cut. jim harbaugh putting for birdie on the 14th. that was a net eagle. and his pro-partner jason day will play together tomorrow. andy garcia a former pro-am winner. not sure if garcia meant to play the shot this way, but look at how close he gets to a hole in one. he and webb simpson not making the cut. not a good day for defending champion phil mickelson. mickelson took a triple bogy and barely made the cut, 11 strokes back. two-way time, one leader is brandt snedeker, stick his aproper, shooting a 68, 12 under pafor the farewell gesture for murray, whose unusual look is due to eye
12:18 am
movie he will be shooting. local story is james hahn of alameda high school and cal. he was at spyglass hill shooting a 66, even with snedeker. pretty good field of sects, tony romo, kelly slater, harbaugh, huey lewis, justin verlander and wayne gretzky. no question tomorrow will be the biggest one in hahn's golfing career. the 31-year-old tour rookie has never played in the final group. just where he will be tomorrow. >> nervous means that a care a lot and it means a lot to me and it does. it's good. i'm more excited than anything. >> i have had this mentality for a long time. it's just another day in the office for me. i go out and hit the ball and find it and hit it again. you know, i'm just going to have fun out there. i have my brother on the bag
12:19 am
and we're going to have fun and enjoy each other's company. i think i'm playing with brandt. >> this abbreviated hockey season getting off to a crazy start for the sharks. sharks miss their first shoot- out attempt. that meant that the coyotes went in front 1-0, when james sheppard gets the puck deep and the call was ruled correctly. that meant in this shot goes, the coyotes win. that is
12:20 am
yes. sharks one point behind the ducks in the pacific division after anaheim's shoot-out win over st. louis. >> when you deal with live mascots there is always a chance you will deal with the unexpected. the minor league hockey team in bakersfield is known as the condors, getting up and close and personal with the real condor with wings. coming up, well, well, well.
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and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess stanford is right in the middle of the pac-12 basketball standings and today got a
12:24 am
chance to move closer to a team- higher up. childress in tempe to see his old team take on arizona state. john gage off the bench to go 3 for 4 from 3-point range. he got 11 of stanford's points for nonstarters. stanford by 8 at the half. asu made it close. gillings would hit a 3 with 14 sects left. the sun devils are within 3. and this guy feeling it. asu got a chance to tie after stanford turned the ball over. bobarnes miss his attempt. 62-are 59, stanford at 6-5, stanford right now in 5th place in the conference, the cardinals 15-9 every. st. marys and san diego
12:25 am
this evening, tied at 34 at halftime. the ghezzal inbound. matthew dellavedova feeds waldow. dellavedova with an acrobatic 2 to the hospital. he had 19. waldow the only other gael in double figures. st. mary's is 10-1 in conference with a 74-64 win. >> it was a tale of two halves tonight. deend parker left usf with 23. that 3 put usf up in front. dons shot 72% in the second half and outscored the cougars 60-39 and win 99-87. they are within two wins of the .500 mark. pretty good story nationally involving michigan and wisconsin. badgers trail by 3. ben brust lets one fly and that is the
12:26 am
shot of the season. it means that the wolverines are heading to overtime. brust now for a 3 in ot. wisconsin will get the upset, 65-2. michigan loses for just the third time this season. both teams 8-3 in the big 10. well, while we have been absorbed in football for the last few months, the san francisco giants have spent the off-season enjoying their status as world series champions. its close to time to start defending that title and tonight thousands of fans met at at&t park to celebrate what happened back in october. >> it was another lovefest at at&t park today. fans reunited with the world series champion giants. and it was another chance for pitcher sergio romeo romeo to recall that final pitch against cabrera. >> just to get the job done in
12:27 am
general was an unbelievable feeling. i definitely got asked to be someone a little bit beggar than i thought i could be and play a bigger role than i thought i could do last season and what an experience. unbelievable. >> 21 of the 25 world series champions will return this spring. so the giants don't expect too many changes. but pitcher tim lincecum decided to give him a personal makeover. >> i just got tired of the long hair. i just needed something different. >> reporter: you looks like a poet. >> a poet? i could write a good poem or two. as an intraspective person i will take any river that takes me to the answer. so getting my mind back to a stable point where i know what i'm doing and with i'm doing i feel my confidence is better. >> reporter:
12:28 am
at&t park will hold the baseball classic championship last month. one possible scenario will be giant's pitcher ryan vogelsong pacing pablo sandoval of venezuela. >> he keeps talking about it and he seems more excite than i am and i just asked him a minute ago, do you think that i won't hit you? >> i look forward to watching it. at the same time, we'll have to keep a watchful eye on them and make sure they are ready. >> reporter: last year's most valuable player, buster posey hopes to repeat last year's world series tight. and he knows that it all starts next week in scottsdale. >> you are consent stating on how concentrating on making yourself better and looking back is. i think when you want to feel good, but looking forward is
12:29 am
what we're bottle to pitchers and catchers report to scottsdale next tuesday and the championship games are march 17- 19th. right here at at&t park. i'm fred inglis for sportswrap. >> you heard right, pitchers and catchers report on tuesday. that is it for this saturday night sportswrap. we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> i could see timmy sitting with a cappachino. >> it is a total make ever. he looks like a different player. >> sergio romo has less facial hair. >> as long as they play the same as last year. >> and largely they are back together, just about everybody important with a couple of additions. absolutely. >> what a crazy year in the sports department. 49ers. >> when they go the distance, going all the way to the world series and going all the way to the super bowl, feels like there is no time in between and there isn't. >> it's fun. >> thank you, joe. >> thank you for trusting ktvu


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